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Price solutions

We offer comprehensive product and price solutions: customized, flexible and efficient.

Our business partners demand flexible models for their individual requirements and that’s precisely what we give them. Here we are constantly considering the demands of our customers and developing the customized solutions they need.

Comprehensive advice and local customer service are a priority for us. Your OMV GAS Key Account Manager will work closely with you to develop the pricing model that’s right for you.

A good price decision naturally requires constant, proactive market observation. This is why our OMV GAS analysts produce daily forecasts on the basis of our internal market assessments.

Are you looking for absolute cost certainty? Then opt for a fixed price, which is based on the market at the time of closing. It doesn’t matter what then happens with the market prices, market behavior, the temperature or other price-determining factors, you will always be sure to pay the pre-agreed price for your natural gas.

We differentiate here between:

  • Fixed price for a nominal amount
  • Fixed price in the form of tranche model to be agreed on an individual basis, with or without flexibility in terms of volume

The advantages are plain to see. You benefit from maximum security in terms of planning and budgeting, as well as mitigating risks.

Key Account Manager

In diesem Modell verändert sich der Preis in Abhängigkeit der Marktentwicklungen. Hierzu wird bei Abschluss eine Formel festgelegt, die an vorher zu vereinbarende Notierungen gekoppelt ist. Fallen oder steigen diese Notierungen fällt bzw. steigt auch Ihr Formelpreis.

Ihr Vorteil:  Sie partizipieren an den Marktentwicklungen direkt mit.

Together we agree a formula price. In addition you have the option of concluding a fixed price for specific periods and volumes.

The advantage for you is that you participate in market developments if the listed prices fall, at the same time as applying a flexible procurement strategy adjusted to your needs and being able to proactively manage your risk by linking a fixed price and a formula price.

Key Account Manager

If you would like to spread the price risk of procurement more broadly and fix the amounts to be procured in percent, then the OMV GAS tranche model is the right choice for you. You can choose whether to fix the entire forecast amount for a specific period defined in advance in multiple tranches or whether to leave part of the amount open to the latest market prices.

Key Account Manager